Help set a World Record from your living room!

Help set a World Record from your living room!

Staying at home shouldn’t mean stopping exercise. To boost your energy during the lockdown, we’re throwing the biggest online PE lesson of all time! Are you in? Our goal is to get as many people from as many countries as possible.

We invite you to set a World Record from your very own living room! The whole world united for 30-minute workout led by a qualified PE teacher. ISCA is a global partner of the event, organised by its member V4Sport, which will be livestreamed on Facebook on Wednesday 22 April at 2:30pm CEST.

Check when it’s happening in your time-zone:
🕗 New York City 8:30 am
🕐 London 1:30 pm
🕑 Berlin 2:30 pm (Central European Summer Time)
🕤 Tokyo 9:30 pm

Sign up for the event here

Organiser: V4Sport 
Global partners: 
ISCA and Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance 

Here is how you can help:

Below you will find the links for both: event page and the fan page related to the event. The best way to share the information and invite your partners, colleagues and family would be to go on the event page and use the „share“ option. You can then add the caption in your language. This way your post will automatically use the official picture and will be the easiest way for the others to sign up.


Event page:

Event related fanpage: – this is the community building part, please feel free to invite everyone to join.

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Help set a World Record from your living room!
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